20.2 DJEBEL: A Visual Interpretation by Olgaç Bozalp

Serving as a continuation of the 20.2 Djebel narrative, we invited Turkish-born and London-based photographer, Olgaç Bozalp, to interpret the collection in a way that resonated with his own heritage and creative practice.
The resulting visual interpretation sees family-style portraits shot within the semi-arid regions of Cappadocia and Konya, in his native Turkey, and features garments styled by Raphael Hirsch and a short film by Ali Gülşener.

Locals were cast and photographed independently on scene to tell stories of their lived experiences - a perfect compliment to the recurring Song for the Mute narrative of familial heritage.
This season, the cassette medium was chosen as our seasonal object to embody the heritage and simplicity so deeply connected to the narrative of 20.2. Each cassette is home to a 40-minute sonic interpretation by Lastlings, containing sound samples recorded by Creative Director, Lyna Ty, during her travels to Tunisia. 

100% of proceeds will go to the Cagdas Yasam Destekleme Dernegi (Association for the Support of Contemporary Living), the Turkish Charity of Olgac’s choice. The CYDD aims to empower Turkish youth, women and the wider community through an extensive support program for education; building schools, initiating library projects and book campaigns, and expanding scholarship preparations to provide guidance from childcare to university graduation. By promoting multiculturalism and equal opportunity, the CYDD aspires to empower its community to be progressive and inclusive.

The special release 20.2 object will be available for a limited time until sold out.